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Qatar Squash FederationQatar Squash Federation (QSF) is the governing body for squash in Qatar. Founded in 1989, QSF is a member of the World Squash Federation (WSF) and the Asian Squash Federation (ASF).

Promoting Squash

QSF promotes and develops squash in Qatar. It organizes events and competitions for all levels. It also provides training and support for athletes.

Developing Athletes

QSF works with organizations and the government to improve squash facilities in Qatar. It provides coaching, training, and equipment to players, coaches, and clubs.

National Team

QSF is responsible for selecting and training the Qatar national squash team. It competes in international competitions such as the Asian Games.

Promoting Health

QSF promotes healthy lifestyles through squash. It encourages physical activity to improve overall health and well-being.

QSF plays a vital role in promoting and developing squash in Qatar. It is dedicated to making Qatar a leading nation in the sport. It works hard to make squash an important and popular part of Qatar’s culture.

Developing Junior Squash

QSF focuses on developing junior squash players in Qatar. It organizes tournaments and programs specifically for youth players. It aims to build a strong pipeline of future national team players.

Supporting Local Clubs

QSF supports local squash clubs in Qatar. It helps to promote and grow the sport at a grassroots level. It provides resources and support to help clubs thrive.

Hosting Major Events

QSF hosts major squash events in Qatar. It brings top players from around the world to compete in Qatar. These events help to promote the sport and put Qatar on the map as a squash destination.

Promoting Gender Equality

QSF promotes gender equality in squash. It encourages participation from both men and women in the sport. It works to provide equal opportunities and support for all players.

Overall, the Qatar Squash Federation plays a vital role in the development and promotion of squash in Qatar. With a strong focus on developing junior players, supporting local clubs, hosting major events, and promoting gender equality, QSF is working hard to make squash a popular and inclusive sport in Qatar.

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