Kitesurfing is more than just a sport; it is a way of life, our passion and work. That is why we put our hearts and souls into it, giving 100% of ourselves to what we love most. Our team organizes kitesurfing courses for all levels. Surrounded by friendly people, in a relaxed atmosphere you will be given a chance to perform your first surfs, jumps, or even give it a try to the foilboarding.

Qatar Water Sport is our second kitesurfing base in the world. So far, we have been gaining experience in Poland, in our kitesurfing school founded in 2014. Every year thousands of future and budding kitesurfers were being trained by our team. Apart from this, our company works alongside the organization of various sports events.

In the summertime, we are chasing the sun and the wind at the most beautiful beaches that we have already had a chance to try out ourselves. So far, we have organized quite a few training events abroad in such places as Egypt, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Ecuador, Canary Island or Poland. These and many more places we have visited explored and tested out— that’s why we know exactly where to surf, where to eat and how to spend leisure time, so as to convert it into an unforgettable experience.

On windless days there is no room for boredom! Wakeboard is always a perfect supplementation of the kiteboarding sessions. With us, it is highly unlikely to ever get bored!

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