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Al Rayyan Stadium

Al Rayyan Stadium

Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium or Al Rayyan Stadium is in Al Rayyan, Qatar. The stadium has a capacity of 40,000 seats. The stadium is Qatar’s fourth FIFA 2022 venue. The stadium will host seven matches during World Cup. Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium is the center of attraction among all stadiums in Qatar. The stadium is located in Umm Al Afaei, Al Rayyan, Qatar. The stadium was opened in 2003 and renovated in 2020. The stadium plays a vital role in the World Cup.

Design inspiration: Qatar’s story – the importance of family, beauty of the desert, and native flora and fauna
2022 matches: Up to the quarter-final stage
2022 capacity: 40,000
Legacy: Home of Al Rayyan Sports Club
Legacy capacity: 20,000


5x Group Matches
1x Round of 16

History from Wikipedia

Ahmed bin Ali Stadium (Arabic: ملعب أحمد بن علي‎), is a multi-purpose stadium in Al RayyanQatar, that is home to Al-Rayyan Sports Club and Al-Kharitiyath Sports Club. The stadium, built-in 2003, had a seating capacity of 21,282.


View of the former Ahmed bin Ali Stadium in 2015, prior to its demolition to make way for the Stadium.

new stadium was built in the place of Ahmed bin Ali Stadium for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which Qatar will host. The renovation includes a huge ‘media facade’ with a membrane that will act as a screen for projections, news, commercials, sports updates, current tournament information, and matches. Seating capacity was increased to 40,740,  and all seats were shaded.

The construction of the new stadium was ongoing since the beginning of 2016. This is being done by the joint venture between Al-Balagh and Larsen & Tourbo.

The inauguration of the stadium took place on the 18th of December 2020, which was Qatar’s National Day, and exactly two years before the country hosts the 2022 FIFA World Cup final.

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